7 More Fantasy Sub-Genres

7 More Fantasy Sub-Genres

In addition to the fantasy sub-genres we talked about before(High Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery, Fairy Tale Retellings, and Steampunk Fantasy), there are several other sub-genres in the fantasy genre. Some of these include:

1. Epic Fantasy: Epic fantasy typically involves large-scale, sweeping narratives with a focus on epic quests, heroic characters, and world-altering events. The stakes are often high, and the story may span multiple volumes.

2. Dark Fantasy: Dark fantasy incorporates horror elements and features a darker, more sinister tone. It may explore themes of fear, dread, and the supernatural, with morally ambiguous characters and settings.

3. Magical Realism: In magical realism, magical elements are woven seamlessly into an otherwise realistic and ordinary world. It blurs the line between the fantastical and the mundane.

4. Mythological Fantasy: This sub-genre draws inspiration from various mythologies and folklore, often featuring gods, mythical creatures, and legendary heroes in its storytelling.

5. Portal Fantasy: In portal fantasy, characters from the real world are transported to a fantastical realm through a portal or gateway. The story then follows their adventures in the new world.

6. Grimdark Fantasy: Grimdark fantasy presents a gritty, morally complex world with flawed characters and a sense of realism that challenges traditional fantasy tropes.

7. Science Fantasy: Science fantasy combines science fiction with fantasy elements, blending futuristic technology and advanced civilizations with magic and mythical creatures.

There is still more to explore in Fantasy and we'll be talking more about additional fantasy sub-genres in the future.

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