A Dream So Dark - Review

A Dream So Dark - Review

"A Dream So Dark" by L.L. McKinney is a sequel to "A Blade So Black." While it continues the story of Alice in Wonderland with a modern twist, it falls short in several crucial aspects. This negative review outlines some of the disappointments I found within the book.

Firstly, the pacing of "A Dream So Dark" is inconsistent and frustrating. The story often lags, with long stretches of dull exposition that detract from the excitement and adventure readers might expect from a fantasy novel. Conversely, when action does occur, it can feel rushed and underdeveloped, leaving readers wanting more depth and substance.

Character development in this sequel is a missed opportunity. Alice, the protagonist, needs more growth and complexity, making it easier for readers to connect with her on a deeper level. Supporting characters must be more utilized and feel one-dimensional, failing to evolve or contribute meaningfully to the narrative.

The plot is convoluted and overly reliant on the Alice in Wonderland framework. While the concept of blending Wonderland with real-world struggles is intriguing, it often feels forced and doesn't reach its full potential. The story becomes bogged down in its own mythos, making it difficult for readers to fully immerse themselves in the narrative.

The dialogue in "A Dream So Dark" can sometimes be cringe-worthy, with characters using slang and references that may appear dated or inauthentic. This detracts from the overall reading experience, especially for those seeking engaging and relatable character interactions.

Additionally, the writing style can be overly verbose, with excessive descriptions that slow down the narrative rather than enhancing it. This makes the book feel longer than necessary, as readers are subjected to detailed descriptions that only significantly contribute to the story's atmosphere and depth.

In conclusion, "A Dream So Dark" is a disappointing follow-up to "A Blade So Black." It needs to work on pacing issues, underdeveloped characters, a convoluted plot, awkward dialogue, and verbose writing. While the idea of a modernized Alice in Wonderland is intriguing, this execution leaves much to be desired. Readers seeking a satisfying and immersive fantasy experience may want to look elsewhere.

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